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Top 12 Books of 2022

5 Stars

I don't usually write reviews on Goodreads, but here is what I wrote about The Girl with the Louding Voice:

This book was INCREDIBLE! I was cheering for Adunni every step of the way. A wonderful portrait of growing up in Nigeria, the culture, the desire to go to school and the consequences for young women if they don't have access to education. The narration was exceptional. I could not stop listening to this book, teared up quite a few times, and found my heart in my chest many times! Dare has created an immersive experiences of sights, sounds, smells and the people of Nigeria.

5 Stars

Breathe and Count Back from Ten is a YA book and one that I listened to for a book club I'm part of on Instagram. For this book club, the author must be disabled and the book must explore some aspect of disability. Natalia Sylvester brings her personal experience with hip dysplasia to this book, and she writes about disability in a way that only another disabled person can. This is my second favorite book of the year. I won a hard copy of the book and highlighted many passages that so powerfully captured the disability experience. This is a delightful coming of age story as well, so while it captures disability, it does so in a way that is easily accessible to anyone and I highly recommend that non-disabled people read this book.

5 Stars

I listen to a lot of heavy books, so I have to mix in some lighter fare as well! Mary Jane was the most delightful book of the year for me. I absolutely loved being immersed in the 70's--the decade when I was born. We read this for my neighborhood book club and all loved it.

5 Stars

Wow! I couldn't stop listening to this book. While I loved The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes, her books always wrap things up in a tidy bow. Both Moyes and Richardson explore The Packhorse Library, but Richardson fully immerses the reader in the harsh realities of Appalachia as well as being a Blue. I can't wait to read the sequel.

5 Stars

O'Rourke combines her own journey with a hard look at what it means to be chronically ill right now. I highlighted a LOT of passages in this book. Highly recommend to anyone trying to understand what it means to be a sick and female. For those who struggle to understand the obstacles to care and to being believed, please read this book. To those who seek validation that you are not alone, please read this book. And if you only read one chapter, please read the last one: The Wisdom Narrative. The only disadvantage to this book is that it is written from the perspective of a privileged white woman. It's a huge step forward to have someone give voice to the issues that O'Rourke does, but it's important to go in knowing the limitations of this book. This was also a pick for one of the four book clubs I am part of .

5 Stars

At the start of the year, my brain fog was so intense that I mostly listened to fluffier books or easy to follow narratives, and this included both YA and adult rom-coms, romances and coming of age stories. Since the pandemic began I started to find solace in romance novels since most of my book choices tend to be pretty heavy! My Goodreads review of Fat Chance, Charlie Vega: I adored this warm-hearted big-hearted YA romance! Charlie is such a relatable young woman. A wonderfully diverse cast of characters. Excellent on audio. This book was just what I needed! I want to be as kick-ass as Charlie! :) The best friend relationship is particularly great in this coming of age book.

Oh my gosh, I couldn't stop listening to this book. Wonderful on audio since it is written in verse. Heartbreaking and heartbreakingly beautiful all at the same time.

5 Stars

Unlike any other book I've listened to. I listened to this book while I was in a state of raging at the patriarchy. :P So, it was just what I needed! Hearing Elizabeth Zott's experiences as a professional women in the 1960's reminded me of the stories my mom has shared with me about the sexism she faced.

5 Stars

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. After listening to this book, I will definitely listen to more books by Kristin Hannah. The dust bowl and the experience of those who moved to California was not something I was familiar with. Have tissues handy.

5 Stars

Another historical fiction book--this takes place in San Francisco in the 1950's during the Red Scare and explores what it means to be gay and Asian during this time. Transported me to a time, place and culture that I didn't know much about. This is a book that feels like an important read--one to understand what it was really like to be Chinese in America at this time, but also what it was like to be gay in San Francisco at this time. The book did feel a bit slow sometimes, but because I feel the topic is so important, it still gets 5 stars.

5 Stars

My mom originally told me about this book after she heard the author interviewed on NPR when it was first released. We read this book as part of our Rowe's Readers book club--and it generated a great discussion. The author also has ME/CFS and dysautonomia and is bedridden while writing the book. This book isn't for everyone--it has long descriptions about snails (so, you have to love nature). Interspersed are astute observations about chronic illness. I love memoirs and Bailey's book is a a beautiful in every way--exquisitely written, perfectly narrated. She also created a book that is short with short chapters--the perfect book for brain-fogged people like me. I recommend both the audio and the book version.

4.5 Stars

This is the first memoir I've listened to by Dani Shapiro and it will not be my last. Absolutely loved listening to her narrate her own book. Her writing is beautiful, vulnerable and insightful. In addition to memoirs, I like finding books to read by Jewish authors or with Jewish themes. Which means I'm also in a Jewish book club. :)

As you can see, my favorite genres are historical fiction, memoir, YA and romance/rom-com. I also seek out books with disability or Jewish themes. My friends always tease me about listening to so many heavy books--but I find comfort in learning (even through fiction) how characters/people endure, survive, and persevere.

I'll post my other books of 2022, but here are my top 12 of 2022. What were your top books of 2022? What are you reading now? Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them?



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